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12-day inner journey
on a wild Atl
antic island


  • Shamanic initiation on the equinox day

  • Youth ceremony to honour the sacred Harvest Moon

  • Cacao ceremony initiation

  • Daily yoga and meditation to re-balance

  • Organic vegan cuisine for healthy integration

  • Explore Madeira’s remarkable nature on a morning volcano mountain trek

  • Swim with dolphins and connect with the spirit of the sea

  • Plus, many other surprise processes and teachings to enhance your experience

Madeira Sunny Beach Peace

From the moment you register, you can expect to:

  • Access highest frequencies

  • Attain clarity on Your Personal Path

  • Learn ancient knowledge from Mayan lineage

  • Undergo Personal Transformation

  • Create Sacred Space

  • Promote your physical and emotional healing

  • Access multidimensional parts of your being

  • Receive initiation to 52 dimensions

  • Acquire healing techniques

  • Boost your Immune System

  • Learn Energetic cleanse

  • Strengthen Creativity

  • Benefit from Night School

  • Open doors to your personal potential

Meet Your Facilitators

Madeira Retreat Success
Cedric Delaveau

Cedric Delaveau

Shaman, healer, and yoga teacher with over 23 years of experience studying with  spiritual guides from various traditions around the world, including Starr Fuentes. He is an official Divine Intervention teacher and has been teaching various spiritual and shamanic teachings for over a decade.

Madeira Success Divine
Natashia Moraes Facilitator

Natashia Moraes

Originally from Brazil, she offers a holistic blend of shamanism with quantum physics, technical knowledge with intuitive wisdom, and aura reading with the study of psychoanalysis. She holds space for cacao ceremonies and other earth medicines, including the art of dance and music as vehicles for soul expression.

"(...) Wonderful teachings to initiate journeys through our internalization. All this allowed me in less than 2 years to tune in to the support of people so that they can raise awareness, integrate and heal through the different techniques learned. I continue to train every year more and more.The different experiences of Cédric bring richness and vitality to his teaching and healing.In one word and more: A huge gratitude to Cédric for guiding me to this beautiful reconnection."

France Richard, Therapist from France
Divine Intervention - Brazil 2017

What's Included

  • Night school from the subscription day until the end of the seminar

  • 12 days in a charming Madeira Island lodge

  • Organic and vegan food

  • Daily Yoga and Meditation practice

  • Cacao Ceremony Initiation

  • Volcano Connection Ritual

  • Boat ride to connect with the spirit of the sea and swim with wild Atlantic dolphins

Retreat Madeira Setting

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