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Nurturing Your Sacred Journey

Meet the dedicated facilitators behind our transformative wellness retreat, committed to guiding you on your journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Cedric Delaveau

Meet Cedric, father, gardener, musician and the shaman healer and yoga teacher for the Art Healing Mastery retreat. With over 23 years of experience studying with spiritual guides from various traditions, including Starr Fuentes, Cedric is a highly experienced teacher. He has been studying with the Curandero Lineage since 2011 and became an officially recognized Divine Intervention teacher in 2013.
Join him on this 12-day adventure where Cedric will accompany you on a journey of magic, transformation, and healing around Divine Presence. You'll be surrounded by the sea, volcano, and dolphins and steeped in all the downloads of pure consciousness. Come and experience this Divine Intervention retreat with Cedric - an unforgettable experience awaits you!

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Natashia Moraes

Natashia Moraes is a Brazilian healer, spiritual teacher, and Cacao guardian. As a homeopath, veterinary, with a Master in Ecological Agriculture, Natashia combines her scientific background with spirituality to reconnect individuals with Mother Earth. Her approach blends Shamanism with Quantum Physics, technical knowledge with intuition, and aura reading with the study of psychoanalysis. She was initiated in Curanderos Lineage in 2016 and conducts cacao ceremonies and other earth medicines, including the art of dance and music. This powerful seminar will take you on a journey in the heart of the Atlantic, surrounded by wild nature. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with Mother Earth and experience a journey of magic and miracles co-led by Natashia.

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