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man. 18. sep.


Madeira, Portugal

Divine Intervention with Cedric & Natashia

At Art of Healing Mastery, we balance ancient wisdom with modern science, empowering individuals to catalyze their own miracles.

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Divine Intervention with Cedric & Natashia
Divine Intervention with Cedric & Natashia

Time & Location

18. sep. 2023 14.00 WEST – 29. sep. 2023 13.00 WEST

Madeira, Portugal

About the event

Twelve days and eleven nights intensive retreat including :

  • Daily teachings and multiples initiations into the path of Self Mastery
  • Practicing and finding a balance through Yoga and Meditation each morning
  • Access to and understanding of the highest dimensions and frequencies of your being
  • Learning how to create and maintain an appropriate Sacred Space
  • Experiencing the processes of awareness, healing and profound group transformation
  • Discover the profound essence of service and unlock the power of karma liberation through devotion and compassionate support and commitment to serving and uplifting humanity as a whole
  • Receiving Initiation to the first 52 Dimensions and their areas of application
  • Living and experiencing Divine Intervention and Spontaneous Remissions
  • Acquiring knowledge and practices of Healing Frequencies and their areas of application
  • Learning more than 28 techniques from different traditions around the world, to support the healing process of multiple pathologies
  • Learning how to boost the immune system, detoxification of heavy metals and chemicals as well as diagnostic techniques
  • Support the release and heal from energetic, spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical traumas, paving the way for a revitalized and balanced life.
  • Experiencing a deep introduction to a lineage of Mayan multi-millennial healers from Mexico
  • Being in the presence of multi millennial lineage wisdom
  • Sharing and growing in a community of healers for twelve intensive days
  • Special Events include: Ancestral traditional Youthing ceremony, Cacao Ceremony and initiation into its preparation and serving and Shamanic initiation equinox day on the 23rd of September
  • Field Trips: Morning volcano mountain walk; Swimming with Dolphins and enjoying the Spirit of the Sea
  • Living and experiencing a healthy lifestyle with all organic vegan food
  • And many other processes, surprises and teachings

Our retreat encompasses a range of features designed to enrich the personal and professional growth of both aspiring and experienced healing practitioners:

  • Experiencing emotional processes that will help you better connect to your clients
  • Protocol and ethics for your clients and being in integrity and honest relationships with people in need of your services
  • Several techniques for distance healing
  • Detailed study of human physical and energetic anatomy
  • A dictionary of the original causes of diseases written by Starr Fuentes, Master Curandera, holder of the same lineage of transmission
  • Internationally recognized Healing Certification and Ordination

As a professional and personal growth opportunity, our retreat has empowered numerous participants to embark on fulfilling careers in the healing arts. With an internationally recognized certification, you too can launch your own full-time or part-time professional healing practice, joining the ranks of successful practitioners who have transformed lives after completing this immersive program.


  • Downpayment DI Participation

    This is your downpayment ONLY for the retreat - the rest of the payment will be done via Wise or Bank transfer. Please let us know which options you prefer to pay for the remaining outstanding balance. In case of withdrawal, this amount will be retained.

    1.601,00 €
  • Full Payment

    This covers the full retreat price

    6.401,00 €


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