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Transformative Divine Intervention Retreat Testimonials

Art of Healing Mastery is a Divine Intervention retreat. 
Discover the life-changing impact of our retreat through the heartfelt testimonials of our previous participants.

"Wonderful teachings to initiate journeys through our internalization. All this allowed me in less than 2 years to tune in to the support of people so that they can raise awareness, integrate and heal through the different techniques learned. I continue to train every year more and more. The different experiences of Cédric bring richness and vitality to his teaching and healing. In one word and more: A huge gratitude to Cédric for guiding me to this beautiful reconnection"

France Richard, therapist in France
Divine Intervention Retreat - Brazil 2017

"I did the retreat with Cedric and I was transformed!
Before I had trouble selling my services, I lacked confidence when I talked about what I was doing. Now I am straight in my boots and fully assured when I state my prices: at the same time the quality of the tools obtained during the retreat and the real miracles which I experienced during this training go beyond simple assertions.
I know that I can accompany people in their healing processes in a deeper and more sensitive way than the average, not by belief, but by experience.
My life has a fresh start. Thank you Cedric!"

Manuel Cornand, Healer in Prague
Divine Intervention Retreat - France 2019 

"This retreat is a gift from God delivered by Cedric and Katrine. They prepare your soul to receive the new energies by accompanying you on an emotional rollercoaster, where your deeply buried thoughts and emotions are brought to the surface and released. 
They may have happened years ago and you had truely forgotten they had even happened or had managed to forget them.
Your teachers then skillfully show you how to heal using new techniques. It is a wonderful experience for people just starting to become healers or someone who has studied hard and is looking for somethimg new and exciting.
I left the course with gratitude and admiration for Cedric, Katrine and the Lineage"

Sue, Healer from Spain

Divine Intervention Retreat - France 2019 

"Unique and sacred experiences ...! Divine Intervention made me go deeper into my being and allowed me to express it more freely, rid of mental, emotional or other “onion layers”, and at the same time nourish healthily. I reconnected to old memories, some that still support me today, others that pulled me back and from which I was able to free myself. I appreciated the passion, professionalism, benevolence and humility of Cédric. I am filled with gratitude for all the teachings received from the lineage and for all the possibilities, which continue to be revealed every day again and again! Thank you heart and soul.
With Love, Joy and Attention, Barbara
Thank you Cedric for illuminating this path of the stars."

Barbara Ouskof, Teacher and Healer in Belgium
Divine Intervention - Brazil 2017

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